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With the help of technology, it is now easy to book a holiday whatever the time of day or night. Our website allows you to do this too.

Yet in keeping with the B&B spirit, contact is primordial, even at the booking stage.

So, if you have the time, do not hesitate to call us directly on +33 (0)618994468 (between 8 am and 9.30 pm), we will gladly answer your call !

Christine et Vincent

Christine et Vincent

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Book direct to get the best prices and all the information you need for your stay by phone

+33 (0)618994468

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book online

book the cottage “la bergerie“: BY EMAIL OR PHONE

Tarifs (details on the page of each room)

You will find prices for each room and for the gite, together with a full description, on their corresponding webpage

Prices for the guest rooms:

  • Deauville guest room, 2 people, king size bed, private sauna, spa, walk-in shower, patio, from €115 to €131/night
  • Honfleur guest room, up to 4 people, king size bed and 2 twin beds, spa with shower, from €97 to €109/night
  • Trouville guest room, 2 people, king size bed and 2 twin beds, spa with shower, from €97 to €109/night
  • Cabourg guest room, up to 5 people, double bed and 1 single bed and 1 double Z bed, bath with shower, from €77 to €89/night
  • Houlgate guest room, 2 people, double bed, large floor-level shower, from €65 to €77/night

Book direct to get the best price…

Online “reservation centres” have become widespread and flood the first pages of internet search results due to their financial clout.

By force of circumstance, we feature on a few of the websites. However, given the commission rates taken by such centres, we have had to increases the prices featuring on these websites to compensate for part of the commission. This explains the price bracket that you will find on each room webpage.

Whether reserving with us or with other hosts or restaurant owners, opt for direct booking! You will often get lower prices and you will be helping our small businesses to survive independently.